Enabling use of urban run-off

Flooded buildings and streets, degraded water systems, high groundwater levels and water shortage. Increasingly common problems in urban areas due to larger peaks of rainfall and longer periods of drought. Replacing the current urban water system is costly, labour intensive and non-sustainable.

At Field Factors we have developed Bluebloqs: a compact and scalable bio-filtration system for underground water storage and recovery. It can be applied on building, street and neighbourhood scale.

+ Relieve sewer system
+ 30mm of water buffer
+ Decentralised source of freshwater
+ Reduce risk of pluvial flooding
+ Mitigating impact of Urban Heat
— Making cities climate resilient



To relieve the current sewer system and reduce the risk of pluvial flooding, the Bluebloqs system can be spatially integrated into new area development or retrofitting to collect and retain rainwater at building, street or neighbourhood level. The Bluebloqs system provides a retention capacity of 40 mm.

Clean discharge

To maintain healthy water systems, Bluebloqs can be integrated on-site to treat run-off from roofs and streets. Our biofilter can be configured to remove suspended solids and viruses, anticipating the removal of organic pollutants and heavy metals.

Decentralised Water Supply

To secure freshwater supply, and to replace the use of drinking water we design & deliver the Bluebloqs system to enable underground water storage and recovery.

 MAKE YOUR CITY WATER RESILIENT  Customisable & Scalable Green Infrastructure System

Bluebloqs technology

Bluebloqs integrates flow control and bio-filtration technology to collect, retain, treat and discharge run-off from roofs and streets. Collected runoff is treated through a combined slow sand filter and a vertical helophyte filter for removal of sediments, heavy metals, and organic pollutants.
— Functionality
The system can be customised to meet the project specific water quantity and quality requirements.

Due to its flexible configuration, Bluebloqs can be easily applied alongside existing or new infrastructure and public space, such as sidewalks, squares, parking lots, or property sites. The system can be designed with other urban functions, such as seating, curbs or delimitation walls.

It works as a stand-alone system or in combination with other on-site water management solutions, such as green roofs or permeable pavement.
— Customisable
Bluebloqs performs to enable closed run-off water reuse as well as a long life cycle of the materials.

The Bluebloqs components are made with recyclable materials. After a component has reached its lifetime, it is taken back into the production cycle.
— Circular

__Components to customise your system

__Configurations for spatial design

Small, one line alongside the kerb, long strips, or multiple surfaces, something in between or something entirely different. Bluebloqs is available in different shapes and configurations. 


Looking for something different?

We’ll be happy to help you develop another system configuration or component that will make your project unique.


To get inspired, browse through different system configurations.