We design, develop & deliver
rainwater management solutions.


Whether it is at building, site or street scale, we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of each client, and work together every step from vision to realisation to bring rainwater infrastructure to life.
— What we do


Srategy & Vision

We help our clients develop a vision for sustainable urban water management by giving insights into the economic, social and environmental benefits and technical possibilities. We look at local catchment, retention and reuse of rainwater runoff and develop an integrated, feasible plan. To do this, we make a link between what happens beneath and above ground level. This way we can increase retention capacity and infiltration in the built environment, and if possible, we make the rainwater suitable for irrigation, cooling or other applications. OFFERINGS: Feasibility Studies | Asset Assessment | Impact Assessment

Design & Engineering

Finding solutions in blue/green or hybrid systems, we translate strategic plans into outlined design concepts and detailing, with the specifications for production, implementation and construction. To make use of the space efficiently, we have developed standardised building components, the Bluebloqs, which can be combined with other spatial functions, such as seating or traffic elements. OFFERINGS: Technical Designs | 3D models & Working Prototypes | Calculations & Simulations | Pilot Scale Treatment Investigation

Delivery & Realisation

We coordinate and supervise the construction phase. We work closely with contractors and provide ongoing technical support to ensure an agile implementation. To guarantee long-term performance, we provide service contracts or comprehensive installation and maintenance guides. OFFERINGS: Construction & Commissioning | Construction Management| Maintenance Contracts

To comply with the construction and water quality regulations, we test our products extensively, which is why we have a hands-on approach and integrate testing and validation in our design process.
— How we work

We are committed to develop innovative water solutions which can be built and maintained with cost-efficiency.