We deliver circular water systems

Whether it is at building, street or city scale, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each client, and work together every step from vision to realisation to bring advanced rainwater infrastructure solutions to life. We ground our work in user demands, technological innovation and profound business case to help our clients implement viable solutions to meet their water needs.




& Vision

We help our clients develop a vision to implement sustainable water systems by identifying their user needs, giving insights into the economic, social and environmental benefits and the technical possibilities. Our expertise lies in the ability to combine technical, financial, environmental and social aspects in an integrated, feasible plan.


Design & Engineering

For the specific application of our systems we create outlined design concepts, design development and detailing, with the specifications for production, implementation and construction.  Through prototypes, we test mechanical and operational aspects early in the design process to guarantee optimal performance of our solutions.


Delivery & Realisation

We provide ongoing technical expertise to ensure an agile transition to construction and implementation, while maintaining spatial quality. To guarantee long-term performance we provide comprehensive installation and maintenance guides of our solutions.

To facilitate the interdisciplinary nature of our work, Field Factors Design & Engineering services include prototypes to 1:1 scale models with water tests.



We deploy cutting digital technologies to produce real size prototypes to test the solutions early in the design process. Through our in-house digital manufacturing facilities we are able to produce tailored parts and components to meet specific project requirements.


Lab test

We work together with KWR Watercycle Institute and Delft University of Technology to test and monitor the performance and treatment efficiency of our solutions.


Field Test

In our site at The Green Village in Delft, we are able to test and validate different system iterations, configurations and new components.


We are committed to develop innovative water solutions
which can be built and maintained with cost-efficiency.


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