Circular solutions to manage water
in a meaningful way


A whole new way to manage rainwater

Using high-end, sustainable materials, we design and deliver nature-based solutions to manage water on your site. Our biofilters turn rainwater into a reliable source of freshwater. By storing rainwater in the underground, we make it available to meet the local demand, even in dry periods. With great attention to spatial design, our solutions fit beautifully wherever they are installed!


Managing water on your site

Having a large paved surface and looking for a sustainable way to deal with large volumes of run-off? With Bluebloqs, rainwater run-off is managed on your site, making your project water-neutral, with efficient use of space. Bluebloqs can be used for retention, treatment of polluted water, underground water storage and to make rainwater available for later use. In this way you prevent your site from flooding, and at the same time you save on water and energy costs. All through a reliable, compact, green system!

Opening Urban Water Buffer

Is your city climate resilient?

Flooded buildings and streets, hot days and dried out urban green: these are challenges that will only increase. Our innovation offers you a solution to effectively tackle these problems. Preventing pluvial flooding, dealing with heat stress and providing clean water for irrigation, cooling and for children to play during the hot summer days. Bluebloqs offers you a way to transform your project into a climate resilient one.

Rainwater to irrigate your sports field

Using a large volume of water for irrigation? Start saving by decreasing the use of drinking water. Create an independent and reliable supply, powered by rain. Our circular system ensures sufficient and high quality water in dry periods. In this way you keep your field green, algae free and in optimal playing condition. See how the soccer club Sparta Rotterdam is already benefiting from Bluebloqs.


Our vision is to improve the quality of the living environment,
by managing water in a meaningful way. Inspired by nature.


At Field Factors we aim to make the city liveable again. Making optimal use of the urban space by means of customised integrated water systems. Using natural materials and advanced construction techniques, we provide solutions for urban water challenges that fit into the local context.



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