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Enabling a reliable and nature-based urban water supply.

Bluebloqs is a modular system for rainwater treatment, storage, and reuse. It combines biofiltration with aquifer storage technologies to achieve high treatment and recovery efficiencies. As a compact integrated system, Bluebloqs mimics natural processes in a controlled environment, avoiding the need for large infrastructures. Discover the new way to manage urban water.

schematic representation of bluebloqs technology

schematic representation of bluebloqs technology


How it works

1 Retention

Surface runoff from roofs, roads or parking lots is collected and temporarily stored in raingardens or ponds. In this pretreatment step, large particles and debris are removed. An oil separater may be integrated.

2 Treatment

The core of the system is our Biofilter, where the main treatment takes place: a combination of slow sand filtration, biological degradation and plant uptake. It provides high treatment efficiency for metals, nutrients, pathogens and organic pollutants.

3 Storage

The purified water is stored in deep sand layers in the subsurface, via infiltration wells.

4 Use

After a storage time in the subsurface, high quality water can be recovered for non-drinking purposes, such as irrigation, industrial processes or water features.


System components

Bluebloqs is a family of products that enable the 4 stages of rainwater harvesting: retention, treatment, storage and reuse. Depending on the specific application, the system can be customised for different technical configurations. Each system is optimised through combining various system components in a tailored design.

Raingardens Field Factors, creating retention capacity.


step 1: retention

Our raingardens are applied for temporary retention and pretreatment of surface runoff.

They can be configured in different shapes, lined to allow for rainwater collection, or unlined to allow natural infiltration.

✓ Systems can be made to specifications

✓ Reliable water level management

✓ Easily accessible for maintenance

✓ Easy integration in existing infrastructure alongside the street, in squares or parking lots

Biofilter Field Factors, rainwater treatment.


step 2: treatment

Our Biofilter treats rainwater. It is a compact modular treatment system with high removal efficiency. The systems are optimised to work seamlessly with infiltration systems, avoiding clogging of the wells and compliance with water quality regulations.

✓ Minimal use of space

✓ Treatment of organic matter, suspended solids, metals, bacteria and pathogens.

✓ Designed with beautiful plants

✓ Compliance with European water, soil and environmental regulations

Infiltration & recovery wells Field Factors, underground rainwater storage.


steps 3 & 4: storage and use

Infiltration & recovery wells provide a safe and continuous discharge into the subsurface, and recovery. Depending on the specific subsoil and location characteristics, infiltration works by gravity or may require pumps.

✓ We work together with suppliers to deliver durable installations

✓ Optimal use of space, avoiding the need of sewer pipes

✓ Installations can be integrated in your spatial design

Spatial add-ons Field Factors, make your project unique.


Our systems can be designed to the specific functional and aesthetic requirements of your project. Lighting, separating edges, seating or water elements can be added to our raingardens, biofilters and technical installations.

We work together with architects, manufacturers and suppliers to make your project outstanding

✓ Adapted to your visual identity

✓ Vandalism proof


Bluebloqs has been developed to tackle multiple water challenges at the same time. Learn how our technology can solve your problems.