Meet Bluebloqs

Bluebloqs was nominated for the Infratech Innovation Prize 2019. In the journal Civil Engineering we explain how Bluebloqs works and what you can do with it. "With Bluebloqs, a new water source is created that can be integrated into public space and infrastructure." (Dutch)


Urban water-management

If we tell you that freshwater is the most valuable asset on earth, would you agree? Healthy water systems are fundamental for our lives, but because of climate change and population growth, cities are challenged to maintain the water cycle in balance. How can we sustainably manage water in cities? (English)


First imple-mentation

The Urban Waterbuffer is the first project in which Bluebloqs is integrated. The aim of the Urban Waterbuffer is to catch and treat rainwater, so it can be stored in the underground, making it available for later use. We are investigating whether and how the UWB can be further applied in urban areas. (Dutch)


Extreme rain fall

We are dealing with more and more extreme rain fall as our climate changes. The Reformational Newspaper produced a series about dealing with water. In episode 8 they talked about solutions to deal with extreme rain fall, naming our technology (Bluebloqs) as an example. (Dutch)


A profile about FF

The Bouwcampus featured us at their magazine with a profile about our start-up. The Bouwcampus in Delft is the location from where all of our plans are made. It is a neutral location where innovative solutions for issues in the area of living and working are created. See what they wrote about us! (Dutch)


Car-free cities

More and more people order online, which makes cities overcrowded with cars. This screams for logistic solutions. Cities without cars: how would that look like? And which spatial solutions are needed to make that happen? We wrote an article on logistic solutions for urban cities, with Amsterdam as an example. (Dutch)


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