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Deploying ecosystem services in urban water

NAIAD is a Horizon 2020 project which examines how the insurance value of ecosystems for water related risk mitigation can be deployed. This is done by developing and testing concepts, financial instruments and applications on 9 case studies across Europe. In NAIAD, special attention is given to the engagement with relevant stakeholders and end-users, bridging the gap in-between science and practice.

We are responsible for the implementation of an urban demo case in Rotterdam. In the Rotterdam Demo, a NBS nature based solution is being implemented to expand the aboveground rainwater retention capacity. Subsurface storage will be used during intense rainfall. Subsequently, the stored water will be recovered from the infiltration well for reuse. The main objective of this demo is to assess the insurance value of the implemented NBS to reduce the negative effects of pluvial flooding in the area. The results of the Rotterdam Demo will contribute to the development of business models for the upscaling of NBS throughout Europe.


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Identifying hazards, risks and impact. 

The water related risks for the urban area of Spangen are identified by biophysical modelling. Stakeholders mapping and analysis of the exposure of assets have been carried out to define the role of the involved parties. Through workshops with a wide variety of stakeholders the co-benefits of the implemented NBS in the Demo Rotterdam have been identified. The results of the risk assessment, stakeholder analysis and workshops are used as input for the economic assessment of the NBS. 

See workshop on Defining Co-Benefits of NBS  

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We develop a tool to assess the economic impact of both grey infrastructure and NBS interventions under different climate scenarios. The tool enables the assessment of the insurance value of the modelled interventions, through interlinking the risk assessment with the socio-economic impact. 



To support the implementation of NBS in urban areas, new business models and financing schemes are drafted and tested with stakeholders. 



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