NAIAD: Mainstreaming Nature Based Solutions





Rotterdam (NL)


Horizon 2020 (EU)


In progress


22 EU partners

Deploying ecosystem services in urban water

EU H2020 funded NAIAD project: Assessment and Demonstration, aims to operationalise the insurance value of ecosystems to reduce the human and economic costs of risks associated with water (floods and drought) by developing and testing - with insurers and municipalities - the concepts, tools, applications and business models necessary for its mainstreaming. This will be done in detail for 9 case studies (demos) throughout Europe.

The main objective is to assess the insurance value of green infrastructure as a climate adaptation measure to reduce the negative effects of pluvial flooding and drought in the city of Rotterdam. The focus is on the Spangen area, a neighbourhood located in the west of the city.


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Identifying stakes, risks and nature based solutions.

Focusing on a specific case study in Rotterdam, the technical, institutional and regulatory frameworks for risk management and the role of the insurance sector have been identified, giving insights into the feasibility of applying green infrastructure systems as a sustainable measure for urban water management. The description of stakes and relative risks have been validated through collaboration with relevant local stakeholders.

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By creating scenarios for flooding and drought in which nature based solutions play a leading role, we will evaluate the potential risk reduction of these solutions. The scenarios with green infrastructure will be compared with traditional grey solutions.


Understanding the effects of pluvial flooding and periods of drought and its socio-economic value.
— How we can upscale the implementation of green infrastructures



The last step is to develop new business models for ecosystem services in urban areas based on their insurance value, digging deeper in the commercial viability and governance issues of applying green infrastructure systems for urban water management.



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