CORE: Flood-proofing through rapid prototyping in Bangladesh


300 m2

Discharged paved surface

150 m3

Stored clean water

50 users


Securing freshwater in times of flood

CORE is a research project led by UNESCO-IHE Flood Resilience Group in collaboration with the Bangladesh University of engineering and Technology focusing on community-based innovation, development, and implementation of small-scale technical innovations that alleviate immediate flood-related nuisance in a town in Bangladesh. 

Field Factors will develop and demonstrate a circular biofiltration & drainage system to be implemented at the CORE’s experimental learning space in Bangladesh, providing a sustainable solution for effective drainage during extreme rainfall while helping users to cope with water shortage during dry seasons. The system will be designed adapted to the location specific hydrological, environmental, social and economic conditions of urban Bangladesh. 

We aim at: 

  • Delivering on the intrinsic needs and economic opportunities in the local urban context of Bangladesh.
  • Making use of local available materials and resources to build sustainable water infrastructure.
  • Stimulating local adoption, ownership and replication of our solution. 

The implementation of the project is expected to start in 2018.  


Understanding the users and their needs.

Through field trips and workshops with local stakeholders and end-users, we have gathered insights into the users' needs and the local context, which we have translated into the definition of an impact project. 


Currently, we are working on the analysis of a primary school as a project site. We will provide a solution for sustainable drainage during extreme rainfall, while ensuring access to freshwater in times of flooding. By embedding the system in the context of a primary school, it will serve as and educational tool about sustainable water management and flood protection of critical infrastructure. 

170911 CORE concept plan-01.png


Field Factors, 1 Van der Burghweg, Delft, ZH, 2628 CS, Netherlands