Msc Thesis: Urban Waterbuffer in Spain

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Treatment, storage & reuse of stormwater in urban areas.

Retention and reuse of stormwater in urban areas are key concepts for climate proof cities. The Urban Waterbuffer (UWB) effectively targets sand aquifers to store stormwater surpluses using wells, for later recovery and use in urban areas. It combines a compact biofiltration system for pre-treatment, and an infiltration / recovery system.

A technical feasibility study will be conducted to implement this technology in Valladolid, Spain, with focus on water quality requirements and geo-hydrological conditions.

Research activities:

  • Characterisation of the raw water and infiltration water quality by field work, data collection and lab analyses.

  • Construction of biofilter test in column setup.

  • Interpretation of chemical water quality using modelling, preparation and analysis of representative chemical compositions.


  • are a student, or just finished studies and have at least a bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering, Water Technology or similar;

  • have affinity with storm water quality and quantity management;

  • have technical skills and a hands-on mentality to work on experimental research;

  • are fluent in English and /or Dutch;

  • are available at least 4 days per week, for a minimum of 4 months, starting from February 2019.

What we offer you:

We are a small - but growing, multidisciplinary team. We offer you the opportunity to work on an exciting field research project in Spain and on-site experience in integrated water management. At Field Factors, you will work in an open, creative and professional context, with room for you to take responsibilities and gain experience in a R&D project. We offer internship allowance.

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