Field Factors IDDI

”What is the best solution for my project? How much does it cost and how much space does it take?”

These are probably the first questions that come to mind when you are confronted with water surplus or water shortage on your property or municipality. And you may wonder what the spatial impact of the solution will be. We can answer these questions for you in the initiation phase of your project. 

We help you maximise the impact of your investments in water management by giving you insights into the technical possibilities, spatial integration and impact of our solutions in the initiation phase of your project. We analyse your project location, the user requirements and water quality, and deliver a technical solution, with overview of the necessary permits, costs and benefits. 

Our offerings:

  • Insights: context, water quality, user requirements, water balance

  • Integration: spatial use, above and underground infrastructure

  • Impact assessment: costs, user, environment