We help you maximise the impact of your investments in water management solutions by giving you insights into the technical possibilities, spatial integration and impact of our solutions in the initiation phase of your project. We analyse your project location, the user requirements and water quality, and deliver a technical solution, with overview of the necessary permits, costs and benefits. 


We translate the insights gathered from the feasibility study into an outlined design. To make efficient use of the space, we design your water system in a way it can be integrated with other functions, such as squares or green features. We can work in collaboration with your design team, or we can take care of the outdoor space of your project, combining water, green and spatial functions into an integrated design.


In this phase, the water system design is further developed into detailed plans for construction, delivery and operation. We can also support you with the application for permits, budget preparation and cost estimates. To ensure compliance with water quality regulations, we conduct lab research and pilot treatment investigation, when required. To guarantee long-term performance, we provide service contracts or comprehensive installation and maintenance plans. 


From the moment you decide to implement your water management solution, we can help you realise your sustainable ambition by coordinating and supervising the construction process. We work closely with your contractor and provide ongoing technical support to ensure implementation is executed according to the specifications. When your solution is delivered, we carry out a final inspection. In this way, we guarantee the quality of the installations.