Preventing pluvial flooding,
creating a local source for dry periods


Two challenges

Pluvial flooding

Heavy precipitation often causes nuisance in urban areas. Due to the large paved surfaces, rainwater cannot infiltrate in the ground. This causes often overflow of the sewer system and flooded streets during intense rainfall.

Water shortage

The effects of drought have tangible effects in the city: higher water demand for irrigation of urban green, water quality degradation in ponds and surface water, and occurrence of urban heat island. Climate change will cause this to happen more often.


One integrated solution

Reusing water surplus

Bluebloqs is a biofiltration system that enables subsurface storage of rainwater surplus. In the city, where space is scarce, we make use of the deep underground to store big volumes of rainwater, preventing pluvial flooding. By retaining rainwater and providing the necessary treatment, it becomes available in the summer, during high water demand. With Bluebloqs we offer a sustainable solution to balance the natural water cycle in urban areas. All through an integrated green and compact system as a means to enhance spatial quality.

Bluebloqs uwb_spangen _web.jpg

Applications of rainwater reuse

  • Maintaining groundwater levels

  • Water amenity for children to play

  • Suppletion of ponds

  • Improving bathing water quality

  • Irrigation water for urban green and sports fields