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One integral solution for multiple urban water challenges.

Bluebloqs offers an integral and scalable solution to manage rainwater on your property, terrain or neighbourhood, providing multiple benefits. By retaining rainwater locally, you reduce the volume discharged into the municipal sewage. The harvested rainwater can be reused for irrigation, suppletion of ponds, manage groundwater level or cooling.

Read below what Bluebloqs can do to solve your problem

  • Greening & cooling the urban space

  • Sustainable use of scarce water and soil resources

  • Beautiful integration, with minimum use of space

  • Turnkey: from design, operation and maintenance

  • Cost-efficient with maintenance interval and simple construction

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Clean & sufficient water for ponds

Bluebloqs regulates the desired irrigation in parks and planting strips, and water levels and quality in ponds and fountains. With our system, urban green and ponds function as temporary storage during peak rainfall. The high quality harvested water is recovered to replenish the water level, keeping green and ponds healthy.

Our solutions can be applied in parks, squares, sport facilities, and cultural districts with special attention for spatial quality.

System components: biofilter & well

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Local water supply, saving on water cost

With Bluebloqs, runoff or effluent water is treated and stored below your property, enabling a close loop for water reuse.

Bluebloqs helps asset and facility managers comply with water regulation, reduce operational costs by reducing discharge (of polluted water) to the sewer or surface water, and create a sustainable independent source for freshwater supply at an affordable price.

See how we did it in Spangen, Rotterdam.

System components: biofilter & well

WEB_Bluebloqs solutions_Mitigating heat stress with urban green.png

Mitigating heat stress with green

Bluebloqs offers you a solution to effectively tackle heat stress, providing clean water for irrigating urban green, cooling, and for children to play during the hot summer days.

The installations are integrated in the spatial design and in the available space.

System components: rain garden

WEB_Bluebloqs solutions_Stable groundwater levels.png

Stable groundwater levels

Bluebloqs offers a sustainable solution for active groundwater management, preventing shortage or surplus. During the wet season, the groundwater surplus is transported to the subsurface. In the dry season, the stored water is used to supplement the shortage.

Bluebloqs is suitable for large paved surface and little surface water available. It can be implemented at street, district or neighbourhood level, in urban retrofitting or new area development projects.

System components: biofilter & well

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Preventing pluvial flooding

In dense urban areas, where space is scarce, the subsurface can be used to store large volumes of rainwater. The stored water can be recovered for reuse in the dry period, for irrigation of urban green, keeping groundwater levels, or suppletion of ponds. All through a green and compact system that fits beautifully in the surrounding.

Bluebloqs can be applied in retrofitting or new development projects with large amount of paved surface, where a separated sewage is desired and/ or extra retention capacity is needed.

System components: biofilter & well

WEB_Bluebloqs solutions_Reducing Water footprint.png

Reducing water footprint of your business

With Bluebloqs, runoff or effluent water is treated and stored on your site, reducing discharge and creating a local source for freshwater supply. The harvested water can be used for irrigation or industrial processes. In this way, you reduce your water footprint, and at the same time, you save on water bills. All through a reliable, compact, and green system!

Our solution is suitable for large facilities of >1ha with a water consumption of 15.000 m3 per year, such as sport facilities, hotel and wellness resort, market halls, and manufacturing industries.

System components: biofilter & well


Our systems can be customised to meet your specific water requirements and fit in the available space. Contact us to find out how to implement Bluebloqs to manage water in your project.