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Circular systems


One integral solution for multiple urban water challenges.


Bluebloqs offers an integral and scalable solution for managing rainwater on your site or in your neighborhood. By retaining rainwater locally, the volume that is drained to the municipal sewage system is reduced. The collected rainwater can be reused for irrigation, management of groundwater levels and for cooling via water elements and urban greenery.


✓ Minimum use of space

✓ Optimal integration in existing urban space

✓ Cost efficiënt realisation and operation

✓ Short construction time through minimal intervention

✓ Greening and cooling urban areas

✓ Sustainable use of scarce freshwater



The examples below show applications of our Bluebloqs technology. It is possible to make combinations of different system components. Let’s explore the possibilities in your project!

Bluebloqs solutions heatstress.png

Reduce heat stress with irrigating green

System components: Raingarden, Biofilter, Installations and Add-ons.

Bluebloqs offers a solution for heat stress. This is done by treating rainwater and using it for irrigation of urban green, for cooling and for children to play with during hot summer days.

The installations can be integrated in spatial design, taking into account the available wishes of spatial use.

Bluebloqs solutions pluvial flooding.png

Preventing pluvial flooding

System components: Biofilter and Installations.

The soil in urban area is often not sufficiently permeable, which means that rainwater cannot infiltrate.

Because the available space in the city is often limited, Bluebloqs uses the subsurface to discharge rainwater. This guarantees continuous discharge and prevents pluvial flooding due to heavy rainfall.

Bluebloqs can be an alternative when a separate sewer system is expensive and/or extra discharge capacity is required.

See how this is applied in Urban Waterbuffer Spangen, Rotterdam.

Bluebloqs solutions active groundwater management.png

Stable groundwater levels

System components: Biofilter and Installations.

With Bluebloqs, active groundwater level management is possible, so that flooding or shortage can be prevented. During the wet season, the excess water is infiltrated to the subsurface and stored. In the dry season, the stored water is used to supplement the groundwater shortage. In this case, land subsidence can be delayed.

Bluebloqs can be applied at dense paved surfaces where little surface water is available. It can be implemented at the street or neighbourhood level, with a replacement of sewage or in new area development projects.

Bluebloqs solutions drought-green-parks.png

Always a green park and healthy ponds

System components: Biofilter and Installations + add-ons.

Bluebloqs regulates the desired irrigation in parks and green areas, the water level and the water quality in ponds and fountains.

With our system, green strips and ponds can serve as temporary retention for rainwater during heavy rainfall. The collected water is treated, stored in the subsurface and can be used to maintain the water level and/or to keep parks green and ponds in healthy condition.

Bluebloqs solutions sewage replacement.png

Increase the discharge capacity

System components: Biofilter and Installations.

With Bluebloqs, rainwater is treated and discharged within the project boundary.

Bluebloqs helps asset and facility managers to comply with regulations, such as water compensation. In addition, it reduces the risk of overflows during heavy rainfall and operational costs by not discharging rainwater to the sewage treatment plant.

This solution is suitable in projects such as sewer replacement, or when surface water or a separate sewerage system is absolute.

Bluebloqs oplossing watervoetafdruk.png

Reduce the water footprint

System components: Biofilter and Installations.

Bluebloqs treats rainwater and/or wastewater and stores it under your site in the subsurface. This reduces discharge into the sewer and at the same time creates a new freshwater source.

The recovered water can be reused for fire extinguishing water, irrigation or industrial processes. This reduces the water footprint of your company and you save on the water bill.

This solution is suitable for large companies with a surface area of 2+ hectares, with water consumption of 10,000+ m3 per year, such as sports facilities, hotel, and wellness resorts, market halls, and industries.


Our systems can be customised to meet your specific water requirements and fit in the available space. Contact us to find out how to implement Bluebloqs to manage water in your project.