Circular Rainwater system for the Valladolid Football Stadium

Circular Rainwater system for the Valladolid Football Stadium


The rainwater is retained with rain gardens and later used for the irrigation of 4 sports fields and ensures that it is cooled and pleasant places to stay through the same rain gardens.

STATUS: Feasibility Study

CLIENTS: Municipality Valladolid, Aquavall

PARTNERS: KWR Water, ICATALIST, Codema B-E de Lier

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Showcasing the Urban Waterbuffer for circular stormwater management to find a solution for increasing water demand in Spain.



Like many other Spanish cities, Valladolid is vulnerable to drought. In addition, some areas of the city are affected by flooding during peak rainfall events, such as the area around the Zorilla Football Stadium. When it rains the run-off flows through the street towards the highway, causing nuances for traffic and water stagnation. Additionally, the stadium is a major consumer of potable water for the irrigation of the football fields.


To face these challenges, the City of Valladolid and the Water Utility Aquavall have the ambition to implement climate-adaptive measures to locally retain as much run-off as possible. Rainwater storage and reuse are being explored as a cost-efficient and sustainable solution.


A feasibility study is been executed in order to determine the suitability of the subsurface for rainwater storage and reuse, make design proposals as well as to determine the cost-efficiency of our solution, and the potential impact on the local context. If the results are positive, the implementation of a pilot project is expected in 2020.


This project has received support from the Partners voor Water Programme, of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).