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Rainwater treatment and reuse


Bluebloqs is a circular system for water management in urban areas.

Inspired by nature.




Currently, rainwater is mainly discharged, while freshwater is one of the most important scarce resources on earth.

We think that this has to be done differently. We develop and deliver circular systems for sustainable urban (rain)water management so that an increasing water demand can be met that increases in periods of drought. Our mission is to use rainwater in a meaningful way, with nature as inspiration!




We develop and deliver integral solutions to collect, treat, store and reuse rainwater on your site. With great attention to spatial quality, our systems fit beautifully wherever they are installed!

Circular Watersystem Bluebloqs by Field Factors

Latest news


From London to Munich: we are selected! 

Field Factors is selected to pitch at the finals of the Built World Innovation Contest 2019. Wow! Nice to show the potential of rainwater to the construction sector. In October we will be at ExpoReal 2019 in Munich. Keep you posted! Or see you there?

Project Field Factors- Klapwijk - Urban Waterbuffer.png

Stable ground water levels, the whole year around

In Pijnacker-Nootdorp, the soil is subsiding due to fluctuating groundwater levels. We are working together with the city of Pijnacker-Nootdorp on a pilot to collect, retain, treat and infiltrate rainwater in a deep soil layer and using it in times of drought to tackle subsidence in Klapwijk.

Field Factors Climate KIC

Upscaling Bluebloqs with Climate KIC

Our newest project Climate KIC has started! In a two year project, we will collectively work with several partners to test the potential of the upscaling of Bluebloqs. Our goal is to accelerate the urban transition towards a decentralised grid of circular water systems, making cities climate resilient.