Managing 60 mm of rain in 48 hours,
making it available for the next dry period.

At Field Factors, we have developed Bluebloqs: a scalable system to locally collect, treat, store and reuse run-off from paved surfaces, such as roofs, streets or parking lots. Bluebloqs is more than a water system: It’s a whole new way to deal with rainwater in your site, property, street or neighbourhood.
— What is Bluebloqs
Through a compact and modular system, rainwater is smartly distributed, treated with plants and stored in the underground. The water can later be used for the irrigation of sport fields, active groundwater management, industrial processes, or to let children play in the summer days.In this way, the rainwater is kept in your property, street or neighbourhood, preventing problems in other areas in and outside the city.
— How it works


Controlled discharge

To relieve the sewer system and reduce the risk of pluvial flooding, the Bluebloqs system can collect and retain rainwater at building, street or neighbourhood level. The Bluebloqs system provides a retention capacity of 40 mm.


Bluebloqs Biofilter removes suspended solids, organic pollutants and heavy metals from rainwater runoff and effluent, making it suitable for infiltration and reuse.

Underground storage

In combination with infiltration technologies, Bluebloqs enables underground storage and recovery of rainwater, creating a reliable freshwater reservoir.


The underground buffer provides a new water source for irrigation, improvement of surface water quality, controlling groundwater levels, maintaining pond levels, cooling or industrial processes.


90 m2 of Bluebloqs Biofilter can treat stormwater from 30.000 m2 paved surface

Curious about what we can do for you?

Due to its flexible configuration, Bluebloqs can be easily applied alongside existing or new infrastructure and public space, such as sidewalks, squares, in sport facilities, parking lots, or industrial sites.

Bluebloqs Biofilter is configured to treat urban run-off or industrial effluent. The system can be integrated with other spatial functions, such as seating, curbs or delimitation walls. 

Bluebloqs works as a stand-alone system or in combination with other on-site water management solutions, such as green roofs or permeable pavement.
— Applications
The system can be customised to meet your specific project requirements. We’ll be happy to develop a configuration, filter or component to make your project unique.
— Modular Components

Curious about what we can do for you?

We’ll be happy to you to provide you with a complete tailored offer to solve your rainwater challenges.