Turning rainwater into a reliable source.

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What is Bluebloqs

Bluebloqs is a compact nature-based system to collect, treat, store and reuse rainwater on your site, property or facility. By retaining rainwater and storing it in the underground, we reduce rainwater discharge into the municipal sewage. The harvested rainwater can be recovered to meet your water demand. In this way you always have sufficient freshwater available, save on water expenses, and make sustainable use of the resource.


How does it work

1 Collection

Rainwater runoff from paved surfaces, such as roofs, streets and parking, is collected and temporarily retained.

2 Treatment

Collected runoff is treated by our Bluebloqs Biofilter, configured to remove suspended solids, organic pollutants and heavy metals.

3 Underground storage

The treated rainwater is then stored in the deeper sand layers, circa 20 m below ground level, via infiltration wells. This way a freshwater reservoir is created that does not require space at ground level and provides a seasonal buffer.

4 Use

The underground buffer provides a new water source for different applications, such as irrigation of sport fields and urban green, industrial processes or reducing heat stress.


Want to know how our technologies could be integrated into your project or site?


Components. To make your project unique.

The bluebloqs can be customised to meet your specific project requirements and fit in the available space. A single line alongside the kerb, wide strips, or multiple surfaces, something in between or something entirely different.

Due to its flexible configuration, Bluebloqs can be easily applied alongside existing or new infrastructure and public space, such as sidewalks, squares, in sport facilities, parking lots, or industrial sites. Bluebloqs is customised to make your project unique!



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