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First Bluebloqs system in Belgium ready for use!

In Flanders, with a view to climate change, there is a need to sustainably manage the city's wastewater. Our team has worked hard during the summer to build a test setup of the Bluebloqs biofilter at Aquafin in Aartselaar (BE), to explore the possibilities of Bluebloqs in this matter.

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Testing Bluebloqs Biofilter to treat stormwater runoff

Maintaining good surface water quality and dealing with drought are growing challenges in urban areas. To help municipalities, water authorities and end-users adapt to climate change, we have developed Bluebloqs technology. Bluebloqs Biofilter is part of our circular system to enable rainwater storage and reuse in urban areas.

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Field Factors wint eerste prijs met Urban Waterbuffer.

Op 13 september heeft Field Factors de Klimaatadaptatie Challenge Zuid-Holland gewonnen met de Bluebloqs technologie als onderdeel van de Urban Waterbuffer. Dit innovatieve concept heeft tot doel regenwater in de stad langer vast te houden in de bodem, om zo wateroverlast te voorkomen en bij droogte extra water beschikbaar te hebben.

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