Testing Bluebloqs Biofilter to treat stormwater runoff


Maintaining good surface water quality and dealing with drought are growing challenges in urban areas. To help municipalities, water authorities and end-users adapt to climate change, we have developed Bluebloqs technology.

Bluebloqs Biofilter is part of our circular system to enable rainwater storage and reuse in urban areas. It is designed as a constructed wetland with vertical downward flow, fed through channels placed around the filter surface that evenly distribute stormwater to minimise operational costs and optimise the use of space. The system can be configured to fit the spatial and water quality requirements of the specific location.

The first generation of Bluebloqs Biofilter is developed to comply with the Dutch regulation for aquifer infiltration ‘Infiltratiebesluit bodembescherming’. To ensure that the system can comply with the water quality requirements, we have tested Bluebloqs prototypes under lab and field conditions, following a two-fold test protocol.


By feeding the prototypes with target pollutants likely to be found in stormwater runoff, such as metals, nutrients and organic micro-pollutants, and subsequently analysing the influent and effluent water, the treatment efficiency has been analysed. Additionally, to gain insight into the operation of the infiltration efficiency, a simulated infiltration well has been built and connected to a biofilter prototype.

This experimental work has been carried out in a controlled environment at the Water Lab at the Delft University of Technology and under natural environmental conditions at the field lab The Green Village, with the support of BRIGAID. A full-scale prototype of Bluebloqs is implemented in the project TKI-Urban Waterbuffer Spangen, for the reuse of stormwater to irrigate the football field of the Sparta Stadium in Rotterdam.

By working together with research institutes, municipalities and end-users, we continue optimising the Bluebloqs system, through testing and monitoring for different water flows and pollutant concentrations

Are you dealing with water quality challenges in the urban environment?
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