Insight into applications of the Urban Waterbuffer

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Water in the city: an integral task

Urban areas increasingly face flooding due to intense rainfall and water shortages caused by longer droughts. The current solutions are based on rapid discharge and supply, respectively. But these solutions are often expensive and unsustainable. Retention and infiltration in the city are necessary in order to absorb surpluses quickly, and retain rainwater for a longer time, allowing subsequent use.

Urban Waterbuffer: going deep

The space needed for water retention and infiltration in urban areas is typically limited. This results in conflicts with other uses of space, and in solutions that are expensive. With the Urban Waterbuffer (UWB) rainwater in urban areas can be purified and retained for a longer time, without obstructing other spatial functions. The Urban Waterbuffer uses deeper aquifers to infiltrate, store and extract rainwater through wells. The purpose of the projectUrban Waterbuffer research project is to explore whether this solution can make a significant positive contribution to preventing flooding and improving water supply in urban areas.