Field Factors accelerates the urban transition
to a circular water cycle.

Inspired by nature, we design, engineer and build to meet the water needs
of communities, industries and environment. 

Field Factors was founded in 2013 by two designers and engineers with the vision to restore the natural water cycle in cities. With appealing design, incredible flexibility, and sustainable materials, our infrastructure solutions aim to become the new standard in urban water management, helping us work towards our mission: to accelerate the urban transition to a circular water cycle.

We started providing consulting and design services on urban planning and development projects. Field Factors has grown into a multidisciplinary team providing product solutions and design services for private and public clients, in the Netherlands and abroad.

We work together with research institutes to develop the first generation of Bluebloqs, a rainwater harvesting system to manage urban surface runoff at building, street or city level. The first operational prototype of Bluebloqs has been produced in our factory in Delft and tested at The Green Village. Bluebloqs was unveiled in the summer of 2017.

Field Factors is not only a developer and supplier of close loop water systems, but a design and technology company with a focus on water infrastructure innovation.

We are based at De Bouwcampus, located at the Delft University of Technology campus.
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