We're a design agency & product supplier
for on site water management.


Field Factors was founded in 2013 by two architects with the mission to improve the quality of the living environment, by managing water in a meaningful way. With a research-driven design approach, in which materials and construction techniques become integral to the design intent, we aim for our solutions to become the new standard in water infrastructure.

Today, we have grown into a multidisciplinary team, where landscape architects, product designers, engineers and environmental scientists work closely together to solve urban water challenges. This way we are able to provide product solutions, and carry out projects from design to completion for private and public clients, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Working closely together with research institutes, manufacturers, and contractors, we have developed the first generation of Bluebloqs Technology. With Bluebloqs we offer clients a sustainable solution to locally treat, store and reuse rainwater.
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